Sunday, September 25, 2016

Yearbook Due Dates

We are coming close to so many due dates...please take note of the following:

Senior Tributes - Friday, September 30
This is last call for tribute contracts, photos, and messages to be submitted in. Please adhere to the guidelines posted under senior tributes.

ASB Club Applications/Charters - Friday, September 30
Pick this up in the ASB office. Without this being submitted by advisors, your club runs the risk of NOT being featured in the club group photo section.

Club Photo Day - Monday & Tuesday, October 17 & 18
After fall break we will be sending out a schedule to advisers and holding an info meeting. Please check back for those specifics.

Senior Portraits - Friday, October 30
If you haven't contacted O'Connor Photography to set-up an appointment, please contact them at ASAP. If you have take a senior portrait, make sure you select your yearbook photos; otherwise, we will do it for you!

Friday, September 23, 2016

ASB Club Needs/Yearbook Needs

Advisors - Just a friendly reminder that next Friday, September 30  is your last chance to submit in your required club paperwork for ASB.

Remember - without this being submitted in a timely manner, your club won't be included in the yearbook reference section. 

Yearbook Club Photo Day is set for October 17-18.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Senior Tributes - Content Due September 30

We have a limited amount of space left for purchase. Check in with the ASB office.

By September 30... your senior tribute contract should be turned in along with photos and a message. This may be submitted in electronically to or in an envelope to the front office. Make sure your senior's name is on it.

PLEASE follow the guidelines as noted on the contract.